Sunday, May 7, 2017

A grand Scottish Read

The Reluctant Highlander: A Highland Romance (The Highland Series Book 1) by [Scott, Amanda]    To order your copy click here

Amanda Scott writes a tale that takes place in the 1400's . At the very beginning of the book Amanda shares a short glossary of words to help you get in touch with this period as the writing is such that it is written in the language of the times. Opening up we see that war is going on and we can see the harshness of the times. As the story unfolds Lady Fiona is found swimming at midnight and Adhman discovers her. A few weeks later at her father's request the two are wed. It is a political marriage of sorts as well. After the marriage Lady Fiona finds that her husband has blood ties with the enemies they are at war with. He is a knight and they are falling in love.  The book is a must for those who love Scottish life and the 1400's reading. I found the story interesting although I do confess there was a lot of language that I wasn't familiar with but I pushed through my reading,  as the story was moving and interesting so it was worth the read plus I had the opportunity to learn about times. I did enjoy this and would recommend this for reading.  I did receive this for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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   We just had 4 litters of bunnies!!!!
We were beginning to wonder about our bunnies and Clay was laughing at me because he knows that the bunnies are pretty much on time. All said it takes about 30 days for rabbits to have babies. I gave all our breeder rabbits names Sunny, Spring, Blue , Pinky and Sable (or I should say I made my husband give them names :) All said Sunny our California was first, then Pinky a New Zealand, then Blue our blue eyed bunny and then Spring was going crazy ripping out her fur.. (there was fur everywhere!!!!) to build her nest. Finally she had her babies on day 33 . We still have our Silver Fox rabbit that should have babies in about 2 weeks. 

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