Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wedding Wipeout

                            WEDDING WIPEOUT by Jacob M. AppelTo order yours go to

If you love cozy mysteries look no further put your sleuthing to work and have fun figuring out who done it in Jacob M Appel's novel Wedding Wipeout. No spoilers here but... the story starts out with a list of the possible murders and the reasons why each of them had a motive. Two old spinsters are written into a will by their wealthy father on the grounds they never marry! Florence and Lorraine live together for years and then it happens Florence wedding announcements go out only to have the Bride die the next morning through a asthma attack. On the scene come Rabbi Kappelmacher (This is a Rabbi Kappelmacher Mystery). You will relish with delight with this one, a real thinker. Just when you think you have it solved something else will happen! Adding to the mix is a former rabbi gone lawyer. You will be pondering this to the end when just about that time you will say no that person did it, no it was that one, wait it was .. and then the ahh haa moment when it all comes together. Take your time figuring out the clues it's a real fun twist and turns but it was there all along! Loved it! A must read for all who love cozy mysteries! I did receive this book for review purposes and no monies were exchanged 

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