Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Book Thief Book Review

   If you are lover of books this book will romance you from the start. Markus Zusak shares a tale you won't be able to put down the minute  you begin. Lots of spoilers here so if you haven't read this run out now and get this and come back later for this review. This reminded me of the Diary of Anne Frank only this took me into the world of a young girl during the Nazi rule in struggling Germany walking the streets looking for extra food and her unquenchable desire to be a better reader. The candid nature of the writing made me see through the eyes of Liesel as she deals with her  learning disability and her justification of herself for being a thief. When Max comes to hide out in the family basement, being a Jew this tender part of the read was very moving. Max almost freezing to death in the basement and then being allowed to sleep upstairs near the fire showed the compassion of the family. The stern warnings to Liesel from her father to keep quiet and even threatening to throw out her books if she told displayed the fear and duty many families may have had during the trying times of Nazi Germany. A must read for all and especially for those who are deep lovers of history. 

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