Tuesday, June 7, 2016


    Loved it! It started out a little slow as it had to set the scene but once it started I was glued. This is that book- when you are talking with your friends and you say I just finished Fool Me Once and  your friend shouts out  "That Book" , and points and smiles and says "It's amazing!"and you have that 15 minute chat about how good it is. Maya is ex-military girl who finds her husband murdered right in front of her. She's left with a small daughter in need of childcare while she teaches flight lessons. A friend shares her concern over the new nanny and gifts her a secret hidden camera to spy on the childcare situation.

     Police are in the midst of investigating the murder while Maya notices she's being followed to make things even crazier she has evidence that her dead husband Joe may be living. Just when you think things are plotting along as normal twists and turns begin to develop as Maya begins to realize that the spy camera may be spying on her. The end was a mind-blower and you will love it! I highly recommend it for those looking for a good thriller. To order your copy click here

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